Nursing Intervention

Nursing Intervention

What is Nursing Intervention? Nursing intervention means is an action of Nurse that carried out in handling some patient’s health problems based on nursing care plan in accordance with the nurse’s diagnosis that was determined beforehand by comprehensive system of nursing’s standard method.

Nursing interventions are different between one patient to the other patient depend on case or disease, general practice to all specialty areas. Nursing intervention has clinical tool standardizes and defines the knowledge base for nursing curricula and practice, communicates the nature of nursing, and facilitates the appropriate selection of nursing interventions for nurses, including practicing nurses, nursing students, nursing administrators, and faculty.

To provide standardization of expected nursing interventions, better for the nurses if they have a handbook of Nursing Diagnosis, Nursing Care Plans and Nursing interventions classification.

Many handbook are release to help the nurses as pocket guide to determinant of Nursing Diagnosis, Nursing Care Plans and Nursing interventions.

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